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Reid Miller Hockey Timeline

I began my hockey journey at the age of five in Flagstaff, Arizona. In those early days, the team was composed of anyone who showed up—there simply weren't enough hockey players. Despite these humble beginnings, I achieved numerous milestones as a young player in Flagstaff.

My path led me to Phoenix, Arizona, where I climbed the ranks from AA to AAA hockey. Within four years, my growing dedication to the sport was recognized; I was drafted into the WHL, one of Canada's most prestigious major junior leagues. It was here that my passion for hockey deepened and my drive to excel truly flourished.

Later, I opted to play in the NAHL, a decision that would teach me invaluable lessons about mental toughness and the importance of proper physical care. To perform at peak levels, I learned that maintaining my body was crucial. As the youngest player in the league during my first year, I helped lead my team to the Robertson Cup finals.

My career continued in the NCDC, where I earned the title of Defenseman of the Month six times. I also ranked among the top five defensemen in the entire league based on points scored. The COVID-19 Florida bubble marked the end of my active playing career. While my mind and body had been pushed to their limits, it was time to embark on a new journey.

RM performance was born from these experiences—founded on the principle that work ethic is paramount and the belief that one should never surrender, no matter the lows or highs of their career. Hockey was my life, filling every void, and now, I am committed to finding and fostering that same fulfillment for others.











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