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Unlock your full potential with RM Performance, Gilbert, Arizona's premier destination for specialized hockey training and comprehensive personal training programs. Led by Reid Miller, a veteran collegiate coach with a passion for nurturing all-around athletes, our approach goes beyond the rink. We're dedicated to sculpting not just athletes, but leaders equipped with mental toughness, physical strength, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Join a community that values hard-earned skill and personal development, and start your transformative journey today.

Why To Choose RMP

Personalized Approach

Embark on your journey to peak performance with Reid Miller's tailored one-on-one services. At RM Performance, your unique goals and abilities are the blueprint for your training program. Training that is specifically tuned to increase your performance on and off the ice is the RMP difference.

Expertise of Reid Miller

Sharpen your skills under the guidance of a seasoned collegiate-level coach who has lived the hockey dream. Reid's expertise isn't just in coaching; it’s in cultivating athletes who excel in every arena of life. With a high-level play history starting at age 15, Reid knows what it takes to compete and succeed.

More Than Just Physical

Growth is our game plan. RM Performance is more than a gym; it's a forge for mental fortitude and confidence. It's where healthy lifestyle habits are instilled alongside puck control and power plays. Grow in an environment that values character as much as championships.

Bring A Friend/Linemate

Training is better together. Elevate your game alongside your linemate with our duo+ training sessions. Not only does it add camaraderie to the grind, but also offers a dynamic way to push each other towards greatness on and off the ice— all at a value that celebrates teamwork.

RM Performance Services

Hockey Training

Master the ice with elite One-On-One hockey training tailored for all skill levels. Our expert-led programs focus on technical skills, strength, and game strategy, setting you up for victory in every match.

Personal Training

Transform your fitness with custom personal training designed for your unique goals. Our expert trainer delivers targeted workouts for strength, endurance, and performance, propelling you to new personal heights.

Nutrition Coaching

Optimize your diet for peak athletic performance with our expert nutrition coaching. Tailored to complement your rigorous training regiment ensuring your nutritional intake is as strategic as your workouts.

Gym Rental

Want to rent the gym?

Host your next training session or event in our state-of-the-art facility in Gilbert, AZ. Our gym is equipped with everything you need to conduct high-intensity workouts, team practices, or private coaching sessions. Secure your spot and elevate your training environment today.

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Have questions? We've got answers. Our FAQ section is designed to help you understand more about personal training, our coaching philosophy, and how we can help you reach your goals in hockey and fitness.

What should I bring with me to a session?

RM Performance is located within a hockey rink facility, so it tends to be quite chilly. We recommend coming prepared with a hoodie and sweats to stay warm. Also, don't forget to bring along some water to keep hydrated throughout your workout.

What age groups do RM Performance training programs cater to?

RM Performance provides a variety of workouts suitable for almost any age group. We work with individuals aged ten and above, offering tailored training to help them achieve their fitness and hockey goals.

Can I train with a friend or teammate?

Absolutely! Training with a friend can help bring out that competitive drive and assist both of you in advancing closer to your goals.

What sets your coaching apart?

What truly distinguishes RM Performance's coaching is our personalized approach that prioritizes not just the athlete's physical capabilities but also their mental and emotional development.

Can I join RM Performance programs with no prior hockey experience?

Definitely! RM Performance welcomes individuals of all skill levels, including those new to hockey. Our programs are tailored to meet you where you are in your athletic journey.


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